WMM since 1972

Our services

These are the areas of expertise we are strongly committed to and competent in:

I. Business consulting services

  • submission of feasibility studies
  • setting up of companies to be registered in Switzerland or, through a network of correspondents, abroad
  • business organization consulting services
  • company domiciliation
  • company ordinary and extraordinary administrative management
  • assumption of corporate positions
  • opening and management of fiduciary mandates
  • closing of annual and periodic reporting periods
  • budgeting and financial planning
  • controlling, economic accounting and asset analyses
  • bookkeeping management and COA (Chart of Accounts)’s implementation
  • financial and industrial accounting
  • providing software and applications for accounting management
  • coaching for personnel and human resources management
  • handling of administrative procedures
  • solving work permit- related issues
  • handling issues concerning employee transfers
  • payroll management services and the handling of social security contributions-related issues
  • settlements and liquidations
  • corporate mergers
  • company conversions
  • company relocation
  • moratorium and bankruptcy administration procedures
  • administrative assistance
  • relocation consulting and support services for families and individuals
  • handling of administrative matters on behalf of families or individuals
  • secretarial services

II. Tax and fiscal consulting services

  • tax due diligence
  • filing of annual income tax returns
  • representation towards fiscal authorities
  • tax planning in case of relocation
  • filing of annual income tax returns
  • tax due diligence regarding direct and indirect taxes
  • fiscal impact assessment in relation to companies’ setting up or relocation
  • fiscal impact assessment and consulting services in case of corporate extraordinary operations such as restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, divisions or business unit transfers and outsourcing, company conversions, settlements and liquidations, company relocations

III. Legal assistance services concerning:

WMM Business Consulting Services
WMM Wealth and Asset Management
WMM Real Estate